Is It Common For Dentists To Take Payment Plans?

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If you are self-pay and not able to pay all of your up-front dental costs, don’t worry! There are options available to you for most dentists. Waterside Dental of Sarasota, Florida offers an in-house dental plan that comes with discounts, and even a credit plan that allows you to make payments.

Make Payments On Your Dental Appointment Costs

Many dentists offer plans that allow you to make payments over time. This allows you to get into the dentist without costing more than you can afford all at once. Don’t let money keep you from visiting your dentist. You will ultimately put yourself at risk of needing even more expensive dental care if you do not visit the dentist. We recommend visiting your local Sarasota area dentist to see whether they have options available to you.

Do Dentists Offer Discounts?

Many dentists will offer discounts in-house if you are self-pay. In other words, patients that do not have insurance and pay cash can lower their appointment costs. This is a great option! Waterside Dental offers in-house discounts for self-pay patients to help make dental visits more affordable. Take care of yourself. Maintain a healthy and vibrant smile and save money!

What Is Care Credit?

Care Credit is a financing option available at Waterside Dental for qualifying applicants. If approved, Care Credit allows patients to pay off their appointment expenses over time. Visit your local Sarasota area dentist to learn more about dental financing options.

Who Can Apply For Dentist Payment Plans?

Anyone can apply for dental payment plans at participating dental offices. There are a variety of options. Contact your dentist to learn more. If you are insured or uninsured, options may be available to you. Ask questions! It never hurts to find out what’s available to you!

Which Dentists Do Payment Plans?

Every dental office is different. To find out what your dentist offers, contact them directly. However, Waterside Dental offers Care Credit – a program that will allow approved patients to make payments on various dental services. Contact our offices to learn what Care Credit options are available to you.

Which Dentists Accept Care Credit?

If you are in the Sarasota, FL area, Waterside Dental can assist you in applying and using Care Credit. To find other dentists who offer Care Credit, visit this page and locate your nearby dentist.

Can You See A Dentist Without Insurance?

Many dentists accept patients who do not have dental insurance. In fact, Waterside Dental offers discounts for self-pay patients that do not have insurance and pay on their own.

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